Auf dieser Seite zeigen wir unser komplettes Fridani-Sortiment mit vielen Bildern, Informationen und den unverbindlichen Verkaufspreisen. Zu jedem Produkt werden dir Bezugsquellen (Shops) angezeigt, über die Du unsere Artikel kaufen kannst. Wenn Du direkt zu unserem eigenen Online-Shop möchtest, klicke bitte hier: www.camp-out.store

Using this motto, we produced outdoor and camping products in colorful designs for campers that are young or young at heart. Fridani is a very young brand, launched in 2016 and is the sister brand of 10T Outdoor Equipment, which has been on the market for more than 10 years already.  

In addition to the new colorful design of Fridani products, the credo that motivates our small, dedicated product team every day is reliable brand quality at the best price. The basis for this success is the competent and long-standing collaboration with acclaimed manufacturers all over the world. Since we attach great importance to the adherence to manufacturing standards, work safety and fair pay, all of our manufacturing facilities are regularly inspected by us on site. This is done even if the facility has already been certified by BSCI, TÜV or others!

We first had the idea of producing camping products in modern bright colors (blue, green and orange) in combination with shades of grey in 2015, and initially the plan was to be implemented under the sister brand. In the end, we decided on forming a new label after all, which currently offers camping texts, sleeping bags, self-inflating sleeping mats as wells as outdoor chairs and table. The range of products is constantly being developed and enlarged to create a full product range in the next few years comprising tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, sleeping mats, camping furniture, wind and sun protection products, cookware and dishes, lighting, air beds, air pumps and accessory items.

The brand name Fridani came into being by chance during a visit of the now 6-year-old daughter of the head of the company. She came to visit when the first sleeping bag designs were being reviewed and was thrilled by an orange sleeping bag. The rest fell into place, and Frida became the namesake for the outdoor label Fridani.